- Activities are back in the building  - Les activités reprennent dans le bâtiment

From July 27 to August 7, 2022
All over the building

3537 presente Exposition Collective Libre n°3

Ready for another round? - Pluri-artistique - Ouvert, Libre, Fait et à Faire - Pour Tous - Par Tous - Avec Amour.

From July 19 Until we’re not thirsty anymore.
Ground Floor Rotonde & Terasse. 

3537 Café 

Come and get some Drinks & Food in between two exhibitions or with a fresh book from 1909 Bookstore

Since January 18, 2022 — Ground Floor and First Floor East


Him & Her + Them + This one + That over here & These around there = Dover Street Not So Little Market

Hanging on January 18, 2022

LOOK AT US - Sofiya Loriashvili

I am trash - Artpath to the restroom - Social Ready-Made portraits diary - Photo Installation 

From now on, until it rains backwards


Find the punctuation - Or let it find you