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On June 18, 2023
First floor.



A zone for critical discussion about the environment of fashion.

Sunday 18th of June, 3:00 - 8:00 pm
@3537org , 35-37 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris

HAVE/NEED Forum is an independent, multi-disciplinary event that hosts a series of exchanges between designers, thinkers, makers and artists. The event creates a physical meeting point to collectively learn, share ideas and construct alternative narratives through the extended practices of fashion, art, research, and philosophy. The event is constructed in four threads, each of them presenting a new topic of conversation.


15h30 - One : Making it, with Gabriel Figueiredo and Ruby Hoette
16h30 - Two : Building it, with Hubert Crabières and Alexis Etienne
18h00 - Three: Performing it, with Ethics Angels Company dir. Flora Bouteille
18h30 - Four: Contemplating it, with Emanuele Coccia.

With: Emanuele Coccia ( @unicamens ), Gabriel Figueiredo ( @_de_pino ), Ruby Hoette, Hubert Crabières ( @hubert.crabieres ), Alexis Etienne ( @alexisetienne ), @lidiotutile, Flora Bouteille and Ethics Angels Company ( @florabouteille ), River Yarra ( @raudie_river_yarra ).

Artistic direction: Léa Domingues ( @dominguesleea ) & Aapo Nikkanen ( @aapoxaapo ).
Graphic direction: Manon Michèle ( @non.assistance )
Performance direction: Flora Bouteille ( @florabouteille )

The event is free and open for everyone.

Please visit www.haveneed.zone for the online forum.

Supported by 3537, The Finnish Institute & Together Again.


Forum: June 18, 3pm - 8pm
First Floor - free entry