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Was from November 10 to 20, 2022
All of Ground Floor.

3537 presents WERNER STEMANS

A neighbour story...
exhibition opening on November 10

4 months ago, 3537 team did a great encounter with their neighbour Werner Stemans. A German born artist who traveled the world, lived many adventures, and developed an astonishing style in his paintings, drawings navigating between abstractionism, minimalism and geometric. A bit like a private visit of his own studio, discover his unseen work gathering years and layers of material on time.

A word about our dear friend Werner Stemans from Hyphen:
Though born in Düsseldorf, Stemans grew up on a farm in a small village called Ungerath where they spoke the native dialect "plattdeutsche", a dialect that was frowned upon in wider society, and is today near extinct.

Raised solely by his mother who remained single her entire life, Werner was not to know the covert identity of his father - a jew in post WWI Germany - until aged 21 years.
Stemans began to exhibit his acute artistic flair from as young as aged 5 years, documenting landscape and his domicile surroundings using coloured wax crayon and watercolour.
As a man, his artistic language in both his drawings and paintings takes on a narrative that underscores an interpretation of his Freudian fate; a confliction of direction, undefined sexuality, aromanticism, desire and a longing for companionship. Particularly noted in the repetition of phallic expressions - never singular, always conjoint - which metamorphoses themselves into today's contemporary narrative surrounding the fluidity and lablelessness of sexuality.

In this show 14h30 auf plattdeutsch, 3537 discover works and objects from Stemans' archive spanning 60 plus years that show his astonishing style of documentation and reference in his paintings and drawings that navigate between abstractionism, minimalism and geometry.
Quite like a private visit of his studio, discover his unseen work gathering years and layers of material over time.

Werner Stemans was born in Düsseldorf, Germany, and he earned a Ph.D. from the University Munich. He became a language educator for Goethe Institute-Munich, and worked at Max Müller Bhavan-Calcutta, Beida University-Beijing, Ped. University-Samara (Russia), and the Goethe Institut-Paris. Exhibitions of Mr. Stemans' paintings, drawings and gravures have been held in Paris, Moscow, Beijing, New York, Montreal and Munich. His works have been included in various publications including the New York Review of Books, Minuit Rev. Paris, Psychiatrie Aujourd'hui Paris, Lettre Internationale Paris, Nu(e) Nice, Canal Paris and Muschelhaufen Viersen Germany.

To discover the exhibition, meet us at 3537 from November 11 to November 20, 2022. With a vernissage on Thursday, November 10, from 6pm to 10pm. 

Space - All of ground floor.