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From December 17 to 18, 2022
On all of First Floor. 


In an unknown future, the remains of an artist's studio are discovered perfectly preserved in time. The memory inhabits its walls, its objects. Everything vibrates there. Vestiges is an invitation to step out of our temporal reality, and pushes us to introspection. Through this fictional space, each artist opens a door to the intimate. Together, they present excerpts from personal and collective mythologies, questioning our relationship to today's art, the beauty and symbolic significance that can be found in our daily lives, and the mores that mark our society.


Opening: December 17, 6pm-10pm
7pm - Reading session: Shayna Klee, Youri Johnson & Louise des Places
8pm DJ set by @daphneeparis_ & @emmagetlost

Exhibition: December 18-22, 11am-7pm
First floor
Free entry