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On December 15, 2022
Concert Hall, Level -2.


Join 3537 for a third edition of our experimental music scene, this time with neu-modern pianist Miranda Prestyl, followed by the more-than-talented ambiant-drummer Lauritz Paulsen, and with a last stage from the improvising duo ADC303 [modular-synth] and Lucien Heritier [drums].

About the artists:
Miranda Prestyl is a French classical pianist based in Paris. She has graduated from the Ecole Normale de Musique Afred Cortot and is since recognized for her technical virtuosity, inspired and revealed on the music of Bach and Schönberg. Miranda is pursuing and renewing her research on the experimentation of sounds, spaces, with a view to unity, discarding the artificial for the most part.

Lauritz Paulsen is a Norwegian musician working with different sound sources and techniques. His main instrument is the drums. Fascinated by the instrument’s simplicity he’s trying to reflect this in his work and approach, both as a solo performer and in group situations.