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From June 14 to 18, 2023
Blind Cinema Hall, Basement Level -2.


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Do you know what's spatial sound?

It's a term to describe the way we have evolved to perceive space through sound - it refers to the way we hear sound naturally in the world around us, in all its complexity and depth. From above, below, around us, through and within us… But the best way to explain it is not through words, but through the experience

For WEEK #15 of SONIC CINEMA, discover the power of spatial sound with the great work of:


Wednesday, June 14 · 19:00 - 20:30

Bendik Giske (4DSOUND installation) @bendikgiske

Echo Collective (4DSOUND Installation) @echocollectivemusic


Friday, June 16  · 20:00 - 21:30

Abyss X (4DSOUND Installation) @abysssxx

Christopher Manhey, Syncretismo (4DSOUND installation) @christopher.manhey


Sunday, June 18 · 16:00 - 19:00

[Come and go as you please, stay as long as you're entranced]

William Russell, Lost Spaces: Rainforests (4DSOUND installation) @williamcolleyrussell

Shehryrar Ahmad, Study of Place  (4DSOUND installation) @shehryawr


General information
Basement -2
35-37 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Paris 75004

- Tickets & more information on shotgun - limited capacity -
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Following their first collaboration in October 2022 during FTMA sound & art festival, MONOM Studios is proud to present Sonic Cinema

Cinema from the greek word kinema - to move.

Since the invention of cinematic technology, which freed the image to move giving us the ability to bring our imaginations and dreams to life with unprecedented realism, Cinema has arguably influenced culture more than any other medium in history MONOM’s SONIC CINEMA will explore new form of cinematic experience - the Sonic Film. MONOM’s Sonic Films - which are an augmented sonic reality experience enabled by 4DSOUND audio hologram technology, will provide a framework to create and tell stories that can directly reflect the detail and multidimensionality of human perception - one that is constantly moving and in flux.

Sound can be literal or can be completely abstract, painting inner pictures that are personal to each individual’s experiences and memories. Pure sonic experiences, therefore, have a unique ability to tap into our deepest feelings and perspectives providing greater possibilities to influence them without the influence implied by the dominant visual narrative of traditional cinema.

Working without defined boundaries of the visual sense, this pure sonic experience opens up new realms of possibility for narrative creation and embodiment where the only limit is the imagination.

For tickets and more information about the current program: CLICK HERE

Basement - 2

Wednesdays Sonic Cinema Installations: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Fridays Sonic Cinema Live in 4DSOUND (Premiere): 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Sundays Monom Studios Interactive Experiments: 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

About MONOM Studios

Monom is an experimental performance space and studio exploring the expressive possibilities of spatial sound as an artistic medium.
From sound art to music, contemporary to classical, theatre, opera, dance, from classic film to virtual and augmented realities, MONOM Studios are also exploring how spatial sound technologies and practices can contribute to increased opportunities for adventurous artistic experimentation and collaboration across disciplines.
Monom Studios are pioneers in the creation of spatial sound experiences using 4DSOUND technology — the World’s most advanced and intuitive spatial sound instrument. Home to the original 4DSOUND system. Monom Studios was founded in 2017 becoming one of the first of a growing network of event spaces and studios around the world utilizing 4DSOUND technology. Monom Studios purpose is to empower artists, activists and society to expand their notions regarding the full capabilities of sound and humans ability to listen more clearly, expansively, and deeply. With spatial sound at the core, Monom Studios aim to create transformative experiences that are accessible, portable, and available to everyone from headphones and virtual formats, to 100+ multi-channel sound environments that may enfold thousands of people. At Monom Studios, space, time, expertise, and technology are provided to work together with collaborators and partners, to create rich sonic universes and augmented realities that can stand alone or be connected to multiple artistic mediums.


4DSOUND systems are spatial sound instruments that provide a flexible and intuitive control platform for artists from different disciplines to experiment and express their ideas with a new dimensionality.
The systems are made up of custom hardware setups, in combination with the 4DSOUND Suite, which create fully omni-directional sound environments where sound is not heard as coming from speakers: instead, sounds appear in space as independent physical entities. This cultivates a social listening area in which the listener and performer can interact, moving freely to explore a new physical environment of sounds.

Presented by MONOM Studios

4DSOUND Design: William Russell & Shehryar Ahmad - Monom Studios Coordinator: Alessandra Denegri
In collaboration with 3537
Project manager – Curator: Ugo Nardini
Communication – Project coordination: Ambre Chambon
External Curator: Stéphane de Saint Louvent
Technology: 4DSOUND

Thanks to Dover Street Market Paris
Visual identity: @doppelganger.studio