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From July 13 to July 17, 2022
On all of First Floor

ROOM 207 - EnSAD

École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs fashion graduate students invite you to discover from July 13 to July 17 2022, the presentation of graduating student from 2021-2022 “Clothing Design” from École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs at the venue 3537.

Through immersive installation and visual art forms, these designers present their diploma project, by carrying singular interpretation on subjects of social, environmental and aesthetic research.

Through the creation of clothing they evoke themes such as : the limits of intimacy, deconstruction of gender, the question of myth…

With the participation of:

@sophialang @alexandra.penteado @monsieurtresor @enzo.dalmas @lucastortolano @libann112 @BAPTISTE.ROGERS @PASSIF.AGRESSIF @lognon_anges_@bonjour_mariana Enzo Canda @florinefournier @selam.wegner @duquesne.alexis @mathilde_cardon @lolacendar @anastasiadevilleneuve

Graphic design: Juliette Oudot @julietteoudot & Léanie Varangot @leambh

Création : Alexandra Penteado @alexandra.penteado