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On May 25, 2023
Basement, Level -2.


Following their first event at 3537 for the release of COR movie back in January 2022, 3537 is pleased to present REPLICA, a choreographic film about human nature.

From an original idea that takes its roots in the courtyard of 3537, with the artistic duo SimonaGun, Choreographic director Mès Lesne, La Belle Façon Production and 3537, the project was thought, shot and is now about to be released in the same foundations that builds the essence of it.

About the movie:

Uniformity of daily life, morals, beauty, styles, ambitions of life, to evolve in society, to love, to appear... Man is an umpteenth replica of the one who thought he was different, in a world where authenticity is dying along with the planet. The gaps between "the normal" and "the marginalized" are becoming more and more apparent. A small group, driven by the love of dance, makes its way through this picture to highlight the beauty of all differences.

In an era where artificial intelligence is revealed as a new divinity and our eyes are riveted to screens, Replica is denunciatory and attempts to awaken the automatons we are becoming, carried by love and the hope of a future where, no matter what, we will all meet the same end.

A film written and directed by SimonaGun

Based on an original idea by SimonaGun & MesLesne

Choreographed by MesLesne

Produced by Exhalt.e by La Belle Façon

Original Music by Thomas Cousinier

With the support of 3537

Thanks to Comme Des Garçons


Screening premiere and launch event: May 25, 6.30pm - 10pm 

Basement, Level -2 - free entry