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From February 2 to 5, 2023
Ground Floor, West Wing.

THE ART OF PLAY#2 - New Collective & Studio Gevaert

The Art of Play #2 — How New Media has influenced Creativity today.

Studio Gevaert and New Collective are proud to announce the second edition of The Art of Play, showing from February 3rd until the 5th at 3537 in Paris, with the opening event on February 2nd. During the first edition, Video games Beyond Entertainment, the studio invited artists to exhibit works, highlighting the cultural relevance of Video Games in a more profound way and beyond its primary function, entertainment. Following the success of the first edition, we are now revisiting 3537 with a 3-day exhibition. This time focusing strongly on how artists and creatives are using technology, such as gaming engines, AI, CGI, and VR, to create physical and / or digital artworks. Our program consists of interviews on our opening night, a group show and a series of workshops with new media artists.



February 2 - 7pm to 9pm
7pm - 10pm Opening
8pm - 9pm Artists interviews

February 3 - 11am to 7pm
3pm - 5pm Workshop by Sami Moubtakir

February 4 - 11am to 7pm
3pm - 5pm Workshop by Mélanie Courtinat

February 5 - 11am to 7pm
4pm - 6pm Workshop by Laurent Allard


Ground Floor, West Wing.