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On April 19, 2023
All of Ground Floor.

MATADI by JANNEKE VAN DER HAGEN - Exhibition and Book Launch

MATADI EXHIBITION & BOOK LAUNCH curated by Janneke van der Hagen [@jannekevanderhagen] in collaboration with [@artlistparisnewyork]

Villa Matadi, Saltsjöbaden was a meeting place for the local artists colony in the late 1930s as well as being the house and studio of Swedish Sculptor Nils Sjögren b.1894 and whose sculp- tures inhabit the house and grounds of his former home.
Moving into the converted former ballroom at Villa Matadi, Janneke van der Hagen got the chance to live amongst many of Sjögren’s sculptures; existing mostly as fragments or broken pieces of works which she was free to touch, move and manipulate.
With a practice centred around the sculptural and sensual depiction of the human body Janneke van der Hagen makes pictures that appear both monumental and intimate.
Mirrored pages invite the viewer as an active participant in this game of seeing and revealing in a project that proposes seeing-as-being-present; catalysed by sculptures made over a century ago.

Matadi is a limited edition book with 64 pages and canvas soft cover, mirrored pages, 280 x 210 mm, designed by Merel Korteweg.


Exhibition and Book Launch: April 19, 6pm - 10pm
First floor - Free entry