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From March 3 to 10, 2023
All of First Floor.

GSM 2015-2022 by Axel Morin - An exhibition shot on iPhone

Through GSM 2015 - 2022, Axel Morin shares a personal vision of the world, capturing every moment with authenticity to emphasize the emotional impact of what surrounds us. «GSM 2015 - 2022 is an urban journey, through which I wanted to share the energy and the emotions of everyday life movements and images which the iPhone can seize,» explains

Axel Morin. The exhibition, which will take place at 3537, will showcase photography and video works. The combination of colors, space, lighting and soundtracks will create an immersive experience, presenting the modern and delicate nature of World-Cities. The exhibition is also the result of a collaboration with the French producer and co-founder of Miraval Studios, Damien Quintard, who entirely produced custom-sized soundtrack in Spatial Audio for the show. To extend the experience, the sound creation will also be available exclusively on Apple Music from March 3.


Exhibition: March 3 - 10, 10am - 7pm
First floor
Free entry