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From July 27 to August 7, 2022


- Are you ready for another round? -

It's been almost a year since Exposition
Collective Libre has been launched for the first time

For its 3rd edition, 3537 invited around 30 artists
who highlight different themes around bodies,
movement, minimalism or maximalism, social
behaviors and identities…They all establish their own language through various mediums such as sculpture, paintings, video, photographs and more.

We are waiting for you on July 27th for this summery

Opening: July 27, 6pm-10pm
Exhibition: July 28-August 7, 11am-7pm
Space: Whole building

Free entry

Artists: @rfumanal @sarahphuomai @clementlouis
@jeanne_vicerial @polanglada @mailyslamottepaulet
& @la__chadepretty @julien_ca @alessioboniphoto
@thakone.soum @maximebizet_ @johnmiserendino @alexia4sale @axelbesson_ @loryglenn @margo.poisson @alireza.shojaian @griffes_d_anges @habibicollective @monsieurbonheur @thetroubarbe @merveillekelekelekelekele @edouardburgeat @jakman_ @sihanvitorino @ex.figura @leomouysset @jeannebrandalise @lhorizontaleparis