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From May 19 to 21, 2023
All of ground floor.



You’re invited to the END TIMES GIRLS CLUB Slumber Party Bunker Clubhouse Pop-Up at 3537!!!!!
End Times Girls Club is an apocalypse survival guide for girls prepping for the 25th century.

.--. .- .-. - -.-- .----. ... / --- ...- . .-. / .-.. --- ... . .-. ... [Party’s over, losers] 

Here at the bunker, you can get prepped and ready for the apocalypse, because we’re pretty sure it’s about to pop off, if it hasn’t already! SMH. We are trying to get ready because the party's over, so thanks for coming to this workshop where we are going to learn how to do morse code and fishtail braids. This place is going to be HQ for our club/human society, so we are doing a pop-up to sort of kick things off. Did you ever think about how absolutely dusty you’re going to look when the End Times arrive? NO product, no showers (?) and really gross toxic waste in the air! Talk about break outs, not to mention frizz! You may be combating the toxins in your gut now with probiotic biotin chews and your daily chlorophyll-collagen cocktail – you have no idea how toxic it’s about to get. It feels like nobody is thinking about this kind of thing? Don’t worry, we are. So come on down to get yourself all set up with new skills, new merch, and new sisters for life!
We •can• do it all :)

End Times Girls Club is a decade-long research and performance project by Rose Schlossberg. It began as a YouTube vlog modeled on makeup tutorial videos, which provided survival hacks like making a compass that would float in a cocktail. It has morphed into several forms since - as a Slumber Party Bunker installation in New York in 2013, a TV pilot produced by Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels in 2017, and most recently as a TikTok channel teaching teens and Chinese censors how to make soap out of beef tallow and wood ash - to scrub up for a hot date after a nuclear blast!
Rose Schlossberg and Rachel Libeskind have been collaborating on creative projects for over almost 15 years. Libeskind will create new visual work for the Paris HQ of ETGC.

About Rose and Rachel

Rose Schlossberg (New York, 1988) is an artist and filmmaker who lives and works between Ojai and Los Angeles. Her practice spans from dumb to smart and back again. She works as a writer and director for film and television, and is a dedicated doomsday prepper. After studying documentary filmmaking and English literature at Harvard University, she got her masters degree in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, focusing on video installation. She has developed TV projects with Broadway Video, TruTV and Warner Brothers TV, and produced and wrote a Peabody Award winning mini-series.

Rachel Libeskind (Milan, 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist whose research-based practice examines the construction of history and the enduring power of images. Working across collage, installation, video and performance, Libeskind appropriates and recontextualizes images in order to disrupt imposed boundaries — between the personal and public, ancient and contemporary, societal and cultural — and reveal unexpected parallels. Libeskind lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Libeskind has presented solo exhibitions, installations and performances internationally. She holds a B.A. with honors from Harvard University. Libeskind is now based in Berlin.


Opening event: May 19, 6.30pm - 10pm.
Performance during the opening: May 19, 7:30pm.
Pop-up: May 20 & 21, 11am - 7pm. 
Special ETGC survival lessons for everyone: May 20 & 21, 1:30pm - 2pm.

All of ground floor - free entry