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On September 18, 2022
Level -2.


On Sunday, September 18, 2022, let’s dive down 3537’s underground space to end your weekend with a special one-evening event. Degrémont’s Fashion Label has bringed together in-house artists to perform an exclusive party - a recall of their fire-setting show a year before, and the embodiement of it’s whole spirit and identity.

Two artists endorsed by the brand will be under the spotlight:

DANYELSKI, author, composer, musician, and artist behind Degrémont’s fashion show soundtrack. He is drawing inspiration from inspiration through Synthwave, Drum&Bass, House, Trip-Hop as well as more Orchestral Music and Musique Concrète. His production are marked by an unpredictable et lunatic character that he describes as an illustration of a bluish tale. DANYELSKI is in constant search of sound and meaning, mixing his narrative sensibility and his quest for intensity with distorted, deep and moving sounds. 

B.ABA, a long time collaborator and inspiration of the brand, for whom a capsule collection has been recently made. DJ & Techno producer, his sets are braking space and time in order to plunge you into his universe, blending organix textures, breathless rythm, and disruptive frequencies.

Exclusive merch, bar on site, transcendatal music, free entrance. 

September 18, 7pm to 10pm.
Level -2.