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From June 14 to June 18, 2023
Ground Floor & Underground -1.


an exhibition curated by Captain Stavros & Zoe Metro.

Dandelion Seekers, an exhibition curated by Captain Stavros (@okay__captain) & Zoe Metra (@zoe_metra)


This is the second and final part of the modular exhibition “Dandelion Seekers”, but also the start of a new journey, like a wandering seed from a Dandelion looking for the right soil to take root.
The name «dandelion» comes from the French phrase dent de lion meaning lion’s tooth.

Poetically, this collective exhibition acts from the above and invents a corresponding narrative in the spaces of 3537. Through our wandering among the successive rooms and levels of the building, the audience will be immersed in a universe consisting of a body of work that relate a peculiar nostalgia for an ominous future - which seems to be the new, hyperlocal identity of origin of our generation.

The multi-narrative setting that will be composed will highlight the artists’interest in exploring new ontological classifications; capturing the unmetabolized anxieties of their collective unconscious and illustrating the darkness of the humanitarian crisis we are experiencing.


Tristan Bründler @tristan.brundler
Corentin Darré @corentin.darre
Quentin Fromont @quentinfromt
Francisco G Pinzón Samper @iloveyousomuchsosomuch
Anaïs Madani @mercimadani
Loucia Carlier @louciacarlier
Louis Somveille @somveille_l0uis
100100 @10o10o
Captain Stavros @okay__captain
Evgenia Fragkolia @skyfly_bye
Luis Maly @luis.maly
Katerina Moschou @k_moschou
Kleopatra Tsali @kleopatra.tsali
Nana Sachini @nanasachini
Harry Schwartz @harryschwartz_

(Graphic designer: Andriana Mila @andrn_mila)


Opening: June 14, 6pm - 10pm
Exhibition, June 15 - 19, 11am - 7pm
Ground floor & Basement -1
Free Entry