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From April 8 to 9, 2023
Ground Floor, Courtyard.


Push the boundaries of creativity at the Create Next x Converse Paris Experience. From April 8th to 9th, an immersive world of Parisian creative exploration comes to life at 35-37. Step into the Create Next campaign which champions self-expression and looks to emerging creators who are driving change.

Create Next with those that push the boundaries of creative possibility.

Step into the immersive worlds of Jean-Jacques Ndjoli, Andy4000, Usha Jey and Pablo T-shirt Factory, 4 local creatives that invite you into their design driven spaces in which they present their craft and inspire originality.’

The Create Next x Converse Paris Experience is a call to discover and explore new ways of thinking. Sign up to be a part of the experience and embrace creative discovery.


Event: April 8 - 9, 10am - 7pm

Free entry on RSVP: CLICK HERE

Ground floor & Courtyard