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From June 25 to July 25, 2023
Courtyard, can’t miss it. 

CARO DIARIO - Ice-Cream Pop-Up

Caro Diario, the culinary project led by Zélikha Dinga is opening a summer ice-cream pop-up in 3537's courtyard.

Forever fan of the Italian gelato, Zélikha took the train to Italy in spring to learn the how-to. The Caro Diario Gelateria will be all about the classics and with only a few selected flavors that will make you travel back to Italy. A country dear to our hearts.

We’ve selected prime ingredients and seasonal fruits to help you cool off during the summer. We hope you enjoy :)


Pop-up: June 25 - July 25
7/7 from 1pm to 7pm, and sometimes later