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From June 23 to June 30, 2023
Ground Floor, Central Wing + Terrasse. 


Billionaire Boys Club & ICECREAM land in Paris with Satellite Diner

Billionaire Boys Club & ICECREAM celebrates two decades of inspiring creatives worldwide by inviting its community to a special dining and retail experience during Paris Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2024 edition in June. Landing in Le Marais, the space brings to life the same retro, 1950s, American diner flavour that has been at the heart of the brands DNA for the past twenty years.

Inside, visitors can experience a taste of the brand through a specially curated menu serving up modern takes on delicious American food and drink including grilled cheese, hot dogs, confectionery and baked goods by CLOVE BAKERY in Paris. Billionaire Boys Club & ICECREAM EU Creative Director, Ross Westland designed the space to evokes a classy mid-century diner with furnishings and decor that call back to the original Billionaire Boys Club & ICECREAM stores in Hong Kong and Tokyo complete with checkered flooring, banquette seating booths, and counter confectionary windows. Guests will be greeted and served by fast friends in the waiters and bartenders who come dressed in classic diner-inspired uniforms.

To celebrate both the Billionaire Boys Club & ICECREAM EU Satellite diner space and the brand's 20th anniversary celebrations, a special selection of merch will be exclusively available on site. Clothing includes coach jackets, varsity jackets, bowling shirts, as well as various cut-and-sew products, while accessories include trucker hats, tote bags, keyrings and other curiosities all branded with exclusive Satellite Diner graphics and signature motifs like the iconic astronaut and running dog.

The space will be open to the public from June 23rd to June 30th, 9am to 6pm.

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Dinner: June 23 - June 30 · 9am - 6pm
Ground Floor, Central Wing + Terrasse · Free entry