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On September 10, 2022
Basement, Level -2.


Quand après l’infini, l’infini recommence.


3537 reveals its brand new series of events dedicated to experience through performances & live music concerts with a majority produced by Sound Lab.

Sound Lab aims to remove the frontier between the public and the artist, where senses and energies that we may seek for in the current cultural stage collide.

Various musical styles will be showcased with, as a common essence, a musical awakening.

‘While after infinity, infinity begins again’ is a participatory sound-visual performance.

On the day of the Moon Festival, an Asian tradition, the sound scores and action scores are aligned by the positions of the planets, at the time of the performance, observed under the rental sky. Spectators are invited to play the suspended instruments and to collectively meditate, which will affect our moods, emotions, actions and sensory perceptions.

This performance is part of the eponymous exhibition as an experimentation in the form of painting, sculpture, music score and sound installation. It explores the notion of eternity, the cycles of existence between our births, sufferings and rebirths, our relationships with the universe and possible remedies.

Exhibition - 
September 9 to 11, from 11am to 7pm. Basement, Level - 2. Free entry.

Performance Live -
September 10, 7pm to 10pm. Basement, Level -2. Tickets via Shotgun right here.