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On March 1, 2023
Ground Floor, West Wing.


“Airtomyearth” IRL is the installation exhibition of Jamie-maree Shipton, Creative Director and Stylist behind the instagram account @airtomyearth.

Jamie-maree invites you to enjoy the colour, layers and textures of her one-of-a-kind way of seeing, doing and creating fashion, art and content over a 2-day exhibition where you can participate first hand with the signature archetypes of her aesthetic in IRL forms; encouraging you to experience, photograph and share on your own feeds.

From dressed chairs, displayed flat-lays and open luggage, everything you know as her visual language online, will be present in the now installed art pieces at the 3537 space.



Opening: February 28, 10am - 6pm

Exhibition: March 1, 9am - 6pm

Ground floor - Free entry