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From July 21 to August 6, 2023
Ground Floor + Underground, Level -1 + Basement, Level -1 & -2. 

3537 presents: INFINITE MOVEMENT? 


“Mechanics cannot die because it has no soul.” Srečko Kosovel

One last one for the road… We are pleased to announce the very last exhibition happening within our walls.

INFINITE MOVEMENT? is a multi-media and collective show questioning the impulse of life.

We explore the concepts, ideas and possibilities associated with infinite movement, that never-ending quest for inexhaustible energy and eternal dynamism.

More than an exhibition, it is a convergence of force, energy and motion, showcasing the work of artist exploring movement beyond arts.

Join us for this memorable moment, opening on July 20. If you are around, stay tuned to not miss our last goodbye.



Curated by: Ugo Nardini / ADC 303 @adc303
Produced by: @3537org
Mediator: @dusansmodej
3D Motion directed by: @mylordandxavier
Sound: @adc303

Arthur Coquille-Hopfner @la__canaille__
Edgar Beyls @edgbey
Edouard Burgeat x Henri Burgeat @edouarburgeat@studio_nod
Émilien Lassance @emilienlassance
Joakim Bouaziz @joakim_bouaziz
Marisca Voskamp @marisca_voskamp_vannoord
Thomas Besset @thomas_romeo_besset


Opening: July 20, 6pm-10pm
Exhibition: July 21 - August 6, 11am - 7pm
Ground Floor - Underground Level -1 & Basement Level -1 & -2. 
Free entry